Artist Statement

I have always enjoyed exploring possibilities, experiencing the evolution of ideas, and above all, translating my personal voice into precious metal forms. I strive for uniquely personal pieces that comfortably adorn the body with a graceful, natural and timeless rhythm. I create flowing patterns of intricately undulating textures by wrapping my pieces with 18 karat yellow gold or fine silver and the application of multiple layers of precious metals such as sterling silver, gold, and anodized niobium. Occasionally I will add gemstones, but only if the piece calls for it.

From conception to completion, I personally design and carry out all of the mechanical processes of creating jazart.

All of life's experiences, great and small, are inspirational. Observation and reflection yield understanding and arouse curiosity. From viewing microscopic images of the surface of cells to walking in the sun on the shores of Lake Michigan, from the joy of teaching to the revelations of being taught, by keeping my mind and soul open to all possibilities, I always come away richer.



Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee - 1988

Graduated with high honors with an emphasis in jewelry and metalsmithing

Additional Workshop Education

Professional Affiliations


Best of pals and Madison assistant Debra Moran.

2009 Award Winner, Best of Jewelry-Art Fair Off the Square, Madison, WI

Mom and Me April 2012

2020 Best of Port Washington Awards in the category of Jewelry

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